Circle Line V

Mystery vessel found by geocachers in a muddy spit off the Ohio River, at the border between Indiana and Kentucky. No one knows how it got there... It's history?

  • Built 1902 as the yacht Celt, Wilmington, DE. Launched 12 April 1902. Renamed Sachem.
  • Acquired by Navy 3 July 1917; Placed in service as Sachem (SP-192), 19 August 1917; Returned to her owner, 10 February 1919.
  • Sold to Philadelphia Banker Roland L. Taylor; resold 1932 to Jacob "Jake" Martin, converted to fishing boat.
  • Reacquired by Navy 17 February 1942 for $65,000 and converted for Naval service at City Island, NY, commissioned as USS Phenakite (PYC-25), 1 July 1942 at Tompkinsville, NY. Transferred to Maritime Commission for disposal 5 November 1945.
  • Returned original owner, Mr. J. Martin of Brooklyn, NY as Sachem on 29 December 1945.
  • Subsequently resold to the Circle Line of New York City and renamed SIGHTSEER. Renamed Circle Line V. Reportedly scrapped in 1984, but found in 2007.

Location coordinates: N 39° 04.876 W 084° 50.918

28"L x 10"H x 6"W

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